Yellow PVC flameproof material.
Dimension 35×180(H)cm. Meet with CNS10285
flameproof standard. FFRSC inspection certificate



Shower Test Kit are an essential safety equipment, where employees are exposed to many types of hazardous chemicals, extreme heat or extreme cold (such as cold stores or cold climate) conditions.

In addition, Safety Showers provide initial first aid treatment by delivering large volumes of potable water or equivalent fluid, for a recommended minimum 15 minutes duration.

FAQ ( frequently Ask Question ) 

How often should you check the safety shower?

ANSI standards require drench showers to be tested weekly, which can leave your floors (and workers) all wet.

How long should you stay in the safety shower?

You should stay under the stream of water for at least 15 minutes to ensure thorough decontamination. It is advisable to stay in the shower for as long as possible until medical help arrives.

To flush away hazardous chemicals from a user’s eyes, face or body that can cause injury. As such, they are a form of first aid equipment to be used in the event of an accident.

Features : Comes with 20ltr Bucket with Lid. To use as a receptacle for shower testing in conjunction with Shower Test Sock.

Rope buckle – Deplorer rope buckle. Tighten the nylon strap directly when you test.

In Short, Product Details 

Specifications : Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1

Safety Product Type: Safety Shower Flow Test Kit

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