Emergency Shower & Eyewash Station

An emergency safety shower and eyewash station is a critical safety fixture found in workplaces, laboratories, and other environments where workers may be exposed to hazardous materials or substances. It is designed to provide immediate and on-site decontamination in the event of accidental chemical spills, splashes, or eye exposures.

The emergency safety shower is typically a large, stand-alone unit that delivers a rapid flow of water to thoroughly rinse off the affected person. It is activated by pulling a lever or chain, allowing a deluge of water to cascade over the person’s body, flushing away the chemical or hazardous substance.

The eyewash station, often combined with the safety shower or installed separately, is specifically designed to flush the eyes when they come into contact with harmful substances. It typically consists of one or two nozzles or spray heads that emit a gentle, controlled flow of water to rinse the eyes.

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