7L Sharps Container Sharp Safety Box

A rectangle shape 7L capacity sharps container, sharp safety box

Model: DMS-F07
Capacity: 7.0L
Product Size: 25X20X23CM
Packing Qty: 24PCS/Carton
Carton Size: 51X42X37cm


7L Sharps Container Sharp Safety Box

7L Sharps Container: Secure Biohazard Disposal for Sharp Safety

Safeguard your healthcare environment with our 7L Sharps Container Sharp Safety Box, an essential tool for secure biohazard disposal. Engineered for maximum safety and convenience, this container ensures proper containment and disposal of sharp medical waste. Its robust design and leak-proof construction provide peace of mind, while features like a secure locking mechanism and clear labeling enhance usability. Trust our 7L Sharps Container for efficient and reliable sharp safety in medical settings.”


  1. Secure Biohazard Disposal: Designed to safely contain sharp medical waste, reducing the risk of contamination.
  2. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to withstand heavy use in healthcare environments.
  3. Leak-Proof Design: Ensures no spills or leaks during transportation and disposal, maintaining a clean and safe workspace.
  4. Secure Locking Mechanism: Prevents unauthorized access and tampering, enhancing safety and security.
  5. Clear Labeling: Easy-to-read labels provide clear instructions for proper disposal and handling, promoting compliance with regulations.
  6. Large Capacity: With a 7L capacity, this container accommodates a significant volume of sharp waste, reducing the frequency of emptying and replacement.
  7. Compact Size: Space-saving design fits easily into medical carts, cabinets, or designated disposal areas, optimizing storage efficiency.
  8. Compliance: Meets regulatory standards for biohazardous waste disposal, ensuring adherence to industry guidelines and protocols.
  9. User-Friendly Design: Features convenient handles for easy transportation and disposal, facilitating smooth workflow and operational efficiency.
  10. Versatile Application: Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities, supporting comprehensive sharp safety practices.


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