Sharps Container

Sharp Bin container:
Sharps usually include syringes, scalpels, blades, hypodermic needles, shattered glasses, injections and flasks. Sharps are extremely dangerous as they can cut or puncture the skin and also cause serious infections. OSS provides high quality and extremely safe sharp bin containers that have a large capacity to contain sharps. Our sharp bin containers are designed in accordance to the worldwide practiced healthcare guidelines. Our containers are made of high quality plastic that is puncture proof from both I.e., in and outside of the containers. OSS sharps bin containers have temporarily locked lids that do not allow the out-throw of any sharps till the time it is withdrawn properly. Our bins contain firm handles that help in the safe handling of waste. These bins have equilibrated lower walls which keep them stable and upright. We provides high grade sharps bin containers in a very reasonable and affordable range that does not become a point of concern for our customers.
It is extremely important to make the presence of sharp bin containers compulsory in hospitals, health care centers, blood donation labs and other institutes or organizations where sharp tools or equipment are used on daily basis. Some tools are intentionally made sharp such as hypodermic needles, syringes, and blades while some sharp is produced due to the breakage of glass containers such as injections, test tubes, glass vials. Needles when once got contacted with the patient’s body fluid, become infectious. They can transfer the microbial agent present in the patient’s body fluid to the other person and got him infected. While broken glass can cause cuts on the body. Hence, any type of sharp could pose a serious threat, and therefore must be disposed of properly.

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