Spill Kit type: Oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents & other petroleum products. Application:Use around waterways, marinas, sailing clubs, ports and decks of ships – ideal for those who need big spill capability. Ideal for the control, containment and clean up of oil and fuel spills in ponds, damn, rivers, bays, harbors, and waterways, marine spill kits are the ideal solution when protecting jetties, shorelines and riverbanks from oil contamination.These handy clean-up kits provide a complete solution to accidental spills of oil or fuel on water. A typical marine spill kit includes hydrophobic absorbents, meaning they will absorb any oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons, however will repel water. This makes it the ideal spill clean up solution for wet environments.These kits can be stored on board ship or at a strategic location in a marina or on a dock.Absorbent capacity: Up to 1100 liters / 1900 liters

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