100% Natural Kiln dried sphagnum peat moss from New Zealand
*Oleophilic (Hydrophobic / Repel water/ Works in the rain)
• non leaching * non toxic * non abrasive * non chemical
• * No Additive * 100% biodegradable * economical
Absorbency (EP: Diesel w/w) 1:2 >99% / 1:5 >95%

Saw Dust Granular Clean up oil spills at:

Shorelines • Wetlands • Mangroves • Ripraps • Fish Farms • Water reservoirs • Desalination plants • Power plants ……. • Road spills with high Skid Resistant Value. Reduce contaminants entering drains. • Airports • Refineries • Oil terminals • Tank farms • Oil rigs • Petrol stations • Shipyards • Engineering workshops • Buses & Train terminals • Water treatment plants • Sand washing.


Peat is an accumulation of dead plant material that has incompletely decomposed, principally due to lack of oxygen. The peat bogs that New Zealand Growing Media (NZGM) controls are the type derived from the sphagnum moss, and are known geologically as High Moor Peat Bogs. This generally means that the peat bogs have grown on their clay base raised up above the surrounding landform to these peat bogs resulting in a silt free environment. This leads to the development of a particularly pure grade of sphagnum peat.

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