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Model RDDH
Product Description DRUM DOLLY
No of Containers 1 X 205Ltr Drum
External Dimension
(H x W x D) /mm
1120 x 770 x 770mm
Static Load (Kg) 430
Dynamic Load (Kg) 310
G.W (Kg) 810
G.W (Kg) 8
Cover Logistics and Warehousing Marine Industries, Paint, Chemical and radioactive productions, Oil drilling sites both on-shore and off-shore,Refineries, Mining
Materia Stainless steel casters with polypropylene wheels on any Morse drum dolly
Utilites Industrial Utilities




Drum dolly – CDDH , also known as a drum cart or drum truck, is a type of wheeled platform designed to transport drums easily and safely. It typically consists of a flat or slightly curved surface that accommodates the base of a drum and is mounted on four or more wheels for smooth mobility.

The primary purpose of a dolly is to facilitate the movement of heavy drums, which can be challenging to handle manually due to their weight and size. By placing a drum on a dolly, workers can easily roll the drum from one location to another, such as within a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or storage area.

Dollies come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types of drums, including steel drums, plastic drums, and fiber drums. Some drum dollies may have features like locking wheels, handles for easy maneuverability, or anti-slip surfaces to secure the drum during transportation.

Using a drum dolly not only reduces the physical strain on workers but also minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur when attempting to move heavy drums manually. It is an essential piece of equipment in industrial settings where drums need to be moved frequently or over longer distances.


In general structure, these DRUM TUMBLRS are composed of an X-shaped, occasionally covered with a deck and a set of wheels underneath. Each dolly with handle pairs that reach chest high for carrying with decreased effort to move a barrel or drum in a short distance. Also known as 55 gallon Drum Handling equipment, and drum dolly with handles, they grant great support for maneuvering barrels on flat surfaces and meant to cater large barrels sizes, specially when hand trucks are not able to fit in the space dimensions. While it poses as a hands free safety addition to drum handling equipment, it calls for manual lifting and placing of the drum of the carriage platform- which could also be replaced with a powered lifting device.

Manual Drum Roller

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