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Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash T150

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SKU: T150

Type: Non pressurized self-contained

Tank Dimension: HDPE material, anti UV & against flame 57 x 29 x 40cm

Volume:60 Litre (16 Gal)

Effective Capacity: 60 Litre, supply for above 15 mins wash work.

Supply water Input pipe is silicon material with seal for avoid leaking.

Sign Front of equipment has obvious sign.

Operation instruction : Above the equipment left side.

Maintenance instruction: Above the equipment right side.


Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash T150

Portable unit is ideal for remote locations.

Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for 6  minutes at .4 gpm (1.5 L), this model is a reliable source for safety.

Featuring  high-density green polyethylene tank easily activated by pulling the black activation arm down to the open position

A wide-fill opening with threaded cap permits easy inspection, cleaning and filling

Relocation is simple due to the easily mounted (bracket included) and light design of this 9 gallon (34 L) portable

Dimension:58 x 46 x 64cm

Operation to use:
Pull down green eyewash panel firmly.
– Eyewash panel will drop to activate equipment and start the water stream.
– User has to hold eyelids open and roll eyeball let water flow on all surfaces and enfolds surrounding eyeball.
– After flushing for 15 min, push up green eyewash panel to the original place, the water will stop
High quality non-toxic new HDPE material, treated with improved process, not easy to fade, age, ensures pf  long service life, excellent weather resistance. It can be used in environments with extremely low ambient temperature. It has the characteristics of resisting the corrosion of chemical substances such as strong acid, alkali, salt and oil. Suitable for outdoor use and some harsh environments

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Model No       : T150
Type                : Portable
Standard        : ANSI Z358.1-2014, OSHA 29, EN 15154, AS4775-2007
Capacity         :16Gal/60L
Material         : Non Toxic, High Density PE
Flushing time : ≥ 15 minutes

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