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Hazchem Absorbent Pad 400gsm

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Hazchem Absorbent Pad 400gsm (Heavy Duty)

SKU: OSS-HP201/100


Width  40cm
length 50cm
Packing  100pcs/Pack 
Absorbtion  133Ltr/Pack 
Thickness  400gsm
Toxicity  None 
Odur  None 
Fame Propagation None 
Weight 8.2kg 
Copmliant  SPCC | EPA | WSH 

In Compliant with SPCC | MARPOL | EPA | WSH 

Trusted by 7000 Over companies | Quality Control Measure with 5 Years Shelf Life 



Aggressive Chemicals & Hazardous Fluids Acids & Bases
Sodium Hydroxide Oil & Solvents
Water based fluids Battery Acids

Hazchem Absorbent Pad 400gsm

Hazchem Absorbent Pad 400gsm (Heavy Duty) 

It also known as all-liquid absorbents, Hazchem  absorbents or even maintenance absorbents and are ideal for clean up and maintenance of the inevitable leaks, drips and spills.

  • Function- Light Duty In other word, easy to carry and locate.
  • Absorb strong acid,strong base, solidifying liquid and other unknown liquid.
  • Hydrochloric acid*phosphoric acid 98%vitriol*30%sodium hydroxide .
  • Hazchem absorbent pads have been designed to help personnel manage acid, base (alkali) or unknown liquid spills safely with minimal waste and clean up time.
  • Characteristic- Dimpled & Laminated with spunbond fabric, most importantly.  it is wearproof and coriaceous..
  • Suitable Condition- Chemical, laboratory.etc.. some chemical and hazardous spill areas, large surface ground.
  • Color coded yellow for instance easy identification.
  • Our chemical (Hazchem) absorbents are inert and will not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids.
  • Note: Ideal for use with battery acid but not compatible with higher concentrations of sulfuric acid.


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Most Importantly, Compliance- MARPOL | EPA 

Lastly, Wide range of  Hazchem Pillow / Pads / Rolls / Socks available in Stock.

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