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General Purpose Absorbent Roll 50m x 500mm

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Capacity: 70 Litre / Roll
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 50m x 500mm
Packing: 1 Roll


GENERAL PURPOSE Absorbent Roll 50m x 500mm

It also known as all-liquid absorbents, universal absorbents or even maintenance absorbents and are ideal for clean up and maintenance of the inevitable leaks, drips and spills generated from the day to day activities of transporting, storing and dispensing liquids.

Color-coded grey for easy identification, these all-liquid absorbents are ideal for coolants, degreasers, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals.

  • General Purpose Heavyweight Rolls are bonded to provide extra strength, meaning they will never come apart, even when fully saturated with oil.
  • Heavyweight rolls are 200gsm thick and 50m long.
  • These durable, universal-application, 100% poly blend-filled Socks absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water.
  • Use them wherever you have a variety of spills and only want to stock one sock to cover everything..
  • Ideal for surrounding spilled fluids or wrapping around leaky machines in another word easy and convenient to put into place.
  • ​Contain spills to keep fluids from spreading into larger areas and becoming slippery hazards.
  • Flexible to conform around machine bases and offer a snug fit with no seepage Color-coding helps you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs.
  • Premium quality, these rolls are super absorbent and super strong!
  • They are perforated along the center as well as across the width so they can be easily separated according to usage, minimizing waste.
  • Gray signifies Universal sorbency.
  • Available poly-wrapped or in a handy dispenser box for easy use and come in two different widths: 50 and 100cm.
  • Note: These items are not compatible with sulfuric acid

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