Dual Mounted Eyewash Station

Model SDEW3027
Size 50 x 35 x 10cm
Material ABS Plastic
Colour Green
Application First Aid
Eyewash Bottle 2 x Sterowash Eyewash Solution 500ml


Dual Mounted Eyewash Station

Double Emergency Eye Irrigation Statio – Promoting Workplace Safety 

Double Emergency Eye Irrigation StatioIf you are seeking a reliable and efficient solution to protect your employees from eye injuries and ensure compliance with safety regulations, look no further than the Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station. Designed to provide immediate and effective eye irrigation in the event of an emergency, this state-of-the-art safety equipment is a crucial addition to any workplace. Discover the key features, benefits, installation considerations, and maintenance requirements of the  Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station.

Why Choose the Dual Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station?

Double Wall Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station offers unparalleled convenience and safety in emergency eye irrigation. Here are some compelling reasons to consider this exceptional safety equipment:

  1. Quick Response: In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station ensures swift and immediate access to eye irrigation, reducing the risk of long-term eye damage and promoting employee well-being.
  2. Dual Functionality: This innovative eyewash station features both an eyewash and a face wash, offering comprehensive protection in the event of chemical splashes or exposure. It allows users to flush their eyes and face simultaneously, ensuring thorough decontamination.
  3. Enhanced Accessibility: The Mounted Emergency Eyewash Station is strategically positioned at eye level, providing effortless access and visibility during emergencies. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and allows for quick activation, enabling individuals to respond promptly to eye-related incidents.

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